Rose Bathroom

New Year, New Tile

One of our favorite sources of inspiration comes from simply looking outside, which is perfect with the resurgence of nature-inspired greens. Whether you choose a more retro style with a deep green or stay with softer tones, this color has everything you need to bring nature back into your space.

With many people looking for a subtle balance, we recommend tile that adds depth to a space. Whether that be through texture or color combinations, adding depth can elevate your space to an entirely new level. Bush-hammered limestone, multi finished micro pennies and of course our Concave Subway creates exactly the depth you need for your desired space.

If our walls could talk, they wouldn’t stop talking. At Circles & Squares, we are committed to moving away from the world of ordinary design with tile that challenges the status quo. For more than two decades, our team has traveled to find the most cutting-edge designs offered from the leading artisans in Italy, Spain, and beyond. Come and see for yourself at our showroom on Paris Mountain in Greenville, SC or check out our shop online.