The Burrow Restaurant

The Burrow, A Profile

Nestled in the heart of Augusta Road in Greenville, SC, The Burrow is admired for infusing both tradition and design into its restaurant. Josh Beeby, owner of the twin restaurants Barley’s Taproom and The Trappe Door, opened The Burrow at Augusta after finding inspiration close to his personal home of more than a decade. The restaurant is named for the dual meaning of both neighborhood boroughs and the safe haven small animals find when digging deep into the earth. It wanted to become the cozy neighborhood bar when it first opened in 2019, and all indications prove it has fully lived up to its intentions.

With arguably the best brussels sprouts in town, the menu is known for merging creativity with flavor. The Burrow partnered with Frances Kinloch, Owner at Kinloch Interiors, a residential and commercial design firm based in Greenville, SC, for interior design direction. Kinloch Interiors is known for mixing modern and traditional styles with bold pops of color to create something unique and beautiful.

With a common goal of creating a restaurant that would leave the design firm’s signature feel, Kinloch worked with Circles & Squares to fill the space with a curated selection of products. The team created a custom color for the restaurant that made for a beautiful, two toned charcoal and terracotta bar feature wall. Trapped is part of CS Tile handmade Geometric Concrete Series. One of the most notable, additional feature walls when you walk into the restaurant highlights the Electric Blue Triangalo tile sourced from Spain. This unique tile brought the pop of color and texture Kinloch was looking for when she envisioned the space.

From the circular booths that feel like a cozy den to the usage of wood and natural materials, Kinloch’s design instincts perfectly capture the intentionality of the aesthetic. Circles & Squares offered layers of color, texture, and complimentary design to match the sensibilities brought forth by her palette and direction.

“When discussing the tile bar with the design team, the goal was for it to be a conversation starter. So, the super-texturized backdrop of our handmade tile and the penny tile surface achieve that goal. You cannot help but mention it when you are ordering a drink,” said Brian. Another conversation starter? The tiled ovens in the chef’s kitchen, only visible when you stand in a certain place in the restaurant.

Color and natural intentionality all play interchangeably throughout this unique space, making this restaurant a pleasant surprise on a street otherwise dotted with chains and franchises. The fact that the food and drinks are also phenomenal? Is just the icing on this beautifully tiled cake.